From Fur Babies to Fire Hydrants: Your Home Insurance Premiums

When I got my kids a dog, I had no idea that it could affect my homeowners insurance. I happened to run into my insurance agent in the store when I was buying dog food and he asked me what kind of dog we had. When I told him, he said I should stop in the office the next day. I had no idea that things like this could affect premiums, so I started asking what else could do it as well. I created this site to help others understand some of the finer points of homeowners insurance and what they should think about to manage their rates.

Just Started A New Job? Two Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For Life Insurance

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If you're just starting a new job, there are likely a number of tasks that you'll need to handle before you can really get into the meat of the work.  There may be an orientation period during which you get the opportunity to find out more about the company, as well as decide which benefits you plan to take advantage of.  While you may see medical, dental or vision coverage as absolutely mandatory, you might think that the life insurance coverage isn't as important.  Use this information to learn more about why you should sign up for life insurance the next time you start a new job.

Getting Life Insurance Grandfathers You In

One of the main reasons why you should get life insurance is because it's a sure way for you to get your rates grandfathered in.  This is especially important if you are a young, healthy individual because you'll be able to get the kinds of rates that might be hard to come by as you grow older.

For example, you may be a recent college graduate who is just starting their first job.  Since you're young and don't have any children, you may not see the benefit in spending the extra money to have life insurance.  However, if you go ahead and take advantage of the life insurance right now, the same rate is likely to follow you for a number of years.  Even if you happen to switch companies, you'll still have an affordable life insurance policy that makes it much easier for your family or friends to hold passing services should something happen to you.

Some Life Insurance Policies Build Cash Value

Another reason why you should opt for the life insurance coverage is because the policy may build cash value.  If you continue to make regular payments on your life insurance premium, you could find that it becomes a bit of a godsend in the event of a financial emergency.

When your life insurance policy builds cash value, you're able to borrow against it in the time of need.  There could be an unexpected expense which arises that you don't know where you can get the funds to pay for it with.  You can then take out some of the cash value of your policy and repay it in increments that are added to each bill.

Getting life insurance could turn out to be an incredibly wise decision.  When you start your next job, take out the life insurance coverage right away so you can enjoy these benefits and much more.


13 April 2017