Selecting The Perfect Car Insurance For Your Situation

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When you're considering insurance for your vehicle, there are some things you will need to consider. The car insurance options available can be very different, so ensuring you have the right coverage and getting a price you can afford should be high on your list of priorities when you start getting quotes and looking at benefits. Coverage Requirements When you are considering car insurance, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage to deal with your car's damage should you be involved in an accident.

27 December 2020

Things To Know About SR-22 Insurance

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Everyone that owns a vehicle usually knows that driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol comes with the risk of getting into legal trouble. Even with such knowledge, some people continuously get pulled over for DUI offenses and must suffer stricter consequences each time. Other than spending time in jail for such an offense, it can also lead to driving privileges being revoked, suspended, or interfered with in some other way.

13 November 2020

Critical Factors To Help You Pick The Best Workers' Comp Insurance

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When you run your own business, you are legally obligated to purchase insurance to protect your employees. This insurance spares you from having to pay for injured workers' claims out of your own pocket. It also ensures that your employees have access to funds that they need to seek medical care after an accident.  However, before you buy workers' compensation insurance, you need to know how to find and choose the best policy for your business.

23 October 2020

Benefits Of Having A Personal Car Insurance Agent

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You can buy car insurance online, over the phone, or in person, but you can benefit from choosing a local agent. Choosing a local agent as your personal car insurance agent is a smart idea. When you have a personal agent, you have access to information anytime you need it. Here are some of the top benefits you can reap by having a personal auto insurance agent. Your Agent Works for You

24 September 2020

3 Misconceptions About SR22 Insurance Coverage

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If you ever experience a DUI charge, or anything similar, you will probably face an SR22 insurance requirement. This requirement means that you must purchase a unique auto insurance plan for a specific time if you want to keep your driver's license. While this is a standard requirement after a DUI, many people do not understand what SR22 is. Here are three common misconceptions people have about SR22 insurance coverage.

12 August 2020

3 Excuses You Shouldn't Use For Not Hiring A Public Claim Adjuster

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If you are in the process of filing an insurance claim or if you are planning on doing so soon, you might have heard that it's a good idea for you to hire a public claim adjuster to help you. However, you might not really think that it's necessary for you to do so, and you might have a lot of reasons for why you're planning on skipping hiring a public claim adjuster of your own.

20 July 2020

Need Online Insurance Agent Training? 5 Signs Of A Good Webinar

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Continuing education is important for many insurance companies. It might even be mandatory and regulated. As an owner or manager, you need your staff to not just 'tick the boxes' but to understand and retain what they're learning. How can you choose a webinar that gets this job done right? Here are five things to look for that could take that mandatory training session to new heights.  1. Pre- And Post-Webinar Engagement

16 June 2020

Car Insurance Questions And Answers For New Drivers

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When you get a car, you will also need to get car insurance. You have to carry that insurance on your vehicle because you can get in trouble if you are found to be driving without it. Not only can you be fined, but you can also be sued personally for a lot of money if you happen to get in an accident while you are driving without insurance. You'll likely have a lot of questions about car insurance if you have ever had to purchase it.

19 February 2020

What Is Inflation Guard With Homeowner's Insurance?

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When you buy a house, you will have to buy a homeowner's insurance policy to protect it. Having a policy is not optional unless you pay cash for the home, which most people do not. The problem is that when you buy homeowner's insurance, the coverage is generally based on the amount you paid for the house. While this might be good right now, it might not be sufficient in the future, and this is what inflation guard is designed to protect you from.

20 January 2020