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How To Avoid Car Smash And Grab Thefts

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Anytime you want to park in a public place, don't forget that your car is a target for smash-and-grab thieves. These are people who don't have the intention of stealing your car, but rather your personal items in the car. Here are some tips for preventing smash-and-grab thefts:

Lock All Openings on the Car

Most people love easy work, and criminals are no exception. Therefore, make it difficult for them to steal your valuables by locking the car. Don't just lock the door and think you are done; lock all the openings that the thieves may use to gain entry into your car. This means you should roll up the windows, lock the doors and lock the sunroof too.

Avoid Secluded Parking Spots

Few thieves are daring enough to steal in the full view of the public. Therefore, deter them further by parking where your car is likely to be in full view of as many people as possible. This means you should park in busy lots with lots of traffic (both foot and automobile). Ideally, your chosen lot should have an attendant and your parking spot should be well lit.

Keep Valuables Out Of View

If you make the mistake of keeping your valuables in plain view, a typical thief will not think twice before breaking into your car and stealing them. This is particularly true with small (thus portable) but valuable items such as phones, jewelry, and laptops. Imagine a thief on the prowl passing by your car's window and seeing an iPhone X on the front seat, or even seeing an iPhone charger; between your car and the next one that doesn't have anything in value visible, which one do you think the thief will break into?

Store Valuables before Parking

Parking lot thieves know how to spot cars with valuable items. These criminals constantly prowl the parking lots looking for car owners stashing things in the glove compartment or putting things under the car seat. Therefore, if you wait until you are parked to start stashing away your valuables, you will be telling the thieves exactly where to look. Ideally, you should keep such items out of view before pulling into the parking lot so that you just park the car, close the door and windows and walk away.

If some items do get stolen from your car, treat the loss just as you would treat a car accident. This means preserving evidence (for example, taking pictures of the damaged windows), calling the police and informing your car insurance carrier.

For more information, contact a car insurance business.


24 January 2018