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How Defense Base Act Insurance Works

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Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance is a type of insurance U.S. government contractors are required to carry when they work outside of the continental United States. Defense Base Act insurance provides a wide range of coverage for U.S. government contractors who work outside of the country. This type of insurance is designed to help U.S. government contractors, no matter where they are located or where they are working.

Who Has to Secure Defense Base Act Insurance

All government contractors who are contracted with the United States government and are working outside of the United States have to carry DBA insurance. Anyone who is a contractor for the United States government has to carry this type of insurance.

This includes workers in a wide range of services and areas beyond the construction industry. This includes people who work in higher education, humanitarian relief, international development, and public works contracts. This also includes all contracts related to construction, security, education, and humanitarian efforts that are connected to the United States government and that involve work being performed on foreign soil.

What Defense Base Act Insurance Does

Defense Base Act insurance is an all-encompassing type of insurance for people who are working abroad for the United States government. Defense Base Act insurance is a catch-all type of insurance. It provides protection for employees due to work-related injuries, like worker's compensation insurance in the United States. DBA also provides workers with disability insurance if they are ever not able to work because of an injury or illness. DBA also provides death benefits. 

Who the Defense Base Act Insurance Covers

Defense Base Act insurance has to be purchased by any organization whose work is funded by a U.S. government contract. This insurance is not just for citizens of the United States working abroad. This type of insurance covers everyone who works for a U.S. government contractor, including local nationals and third-country nationals. Whoever you are, if you work for U.S. government contractor, you will be covered with DBA.

Defense Base Act insurance is how the United States government ensures anyone who works on a U.S. government contract is taken care of. DBA insurance takes care of employees if they are injured or killed on the job. The United States government wants to show that it takes care of its own, whether a person is working directly for the United States government or indirectly on a government contract.


30 January 2019