From Fur Babies to Fire Hydrants: Your Home Insurance Premiums

When I got my kids a dog, I had no idea that it could affect my homeowners insurance. I happened to run into my insurance agent in the store when I was buying dog food and he asked me what kind of dog we had. When I told him, he said I should stop in the office the next day. I had no idea that things like this could affect premiums, so I started asking what else could do it as well. I created this site to help others understand some of the finer points of homeowners insurance and what they should think about to manage their rates.

3 Types Of Policies Your Homeowner's Insurance Provider Should Be Able To Offer You

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Whether you're getting ready to invest in homeowner's insurance for the first or fiftieth time, there are a few service options you should look for to ensure that you're getting the most bang for your buck over time in terms of convenience and peace of mind. Here are a few types of policies your new insurance company should be able to offer.

Natural Disaster Coverage

In addition to accidental fires and break-ins, your homeowner's insurance provider should be able to financially protect you if a natural disaster occurs such as a hurricane, tornado, or even a basic flood that happens in your community. If your home isn't protected against natural disasters, you could end up being entirely financially responsible for any damage that is done by a major storm or breach in water dam that might happen in your community.

So make sure that your homeowner's insurance company offers natural disaster protection and ask for an itemized list of co-pays and fees that would be associated with any disasters that you might face at some point in the future. And find out whether any additional natural disaster protection can be added to your overall insurance policy, even if for an extra fee.

Renter's Insurance Options

You may rent some of your household items, such as a washer and dryer, a television, or even a lawnmower. Unfortunately, the things you rent may not be automatically covered in your homeowner's insurance policy. In addition to a homeowner's policy, your service provider should be able to offer you renter's insurance that will cover anything of value that you're renting and don't own outright.

Even the items that you're renting to own may be covered under your renter's insurance policy. Ask your insurance agent to provide you with a full list of items that would be covered under renter's insurance so you can determine exactly what items in your place will and won't be covered.

Online Claims Processing

When you do need to make an insurance claim, the process should be an easy and painless one. Instead of having to go into your service provider's office or call to schedule a phone appointment, you should be able to process an insurance claim on the internet through your service provider's website. Not only will this save you some time and effort, but it will help keep your stress levels low and give you peace of mind in knowing that you're being well taken care of instead of merely micromanaged. So make sure that the insurance provider you choose offers in-person, phone, and internet claims processing services.


31 July 2019