From Fur Babies to Fire Hydrants: Your Home Insurance Premiums

When I got my kids a dog, I had no idea that it could affect my homeowners insurance. I happened to run into my insurance agent in the store when I was buying dog food and he asked me what kind of dog we had. When I told him, he said I should stop in the office the next day. I had no idea that things like this could affect premiums, so I started asking what else could do it as well. I created this site to help others understand some of the finer points of homeowners insurance and what they should think about to manage their rates.

Need Online Insurance Agent Training? 5 Signs Of A Good Webinar

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Continuing education is important for many insurance companies. It might even be mandatory and regulated. As an owner or manager, you need your staff to not just 'tick the boxes' but to understand and retain what they're learning. How can you choose a webinar that gets this job done right? Here are five things to look for that could take that mandatory training session to new heights. 

1. Pre- And Post-Webinar Engagement

The webinar host and presenters should spend some time interacting with your company and your team before and after the actual session. They can get people interested and engaged by things like asking about their experience in the subject, talking about what they'd like to learn, and finding out what your goals are as a company. Feedback and follow-up conversations are another great way to keep people engaged. 

2. Engaging Speakers

The speakers presenting information to your employees should be engaging and enlightening. While most insurance industry courses shouldn't be adolescent and jokey, speakers should be enjoyable and fascinating. Ideally, look for a webinar with more than one presenter to provide added variety and even a bit of a back and forth to keep things moving. 

3. Slides That Impact

What do the slides add to the speakers' presentations? If all the slides do is regurgitate what the speaker says, attendees are unlikely to stay interested for long. The slides should be short on words but long on visuals. They should generally illustrate and provide examples rather than giving too much added detail about the subject. 

4. Different Media

How many types of media does the webinar use? Basic slide presentations have been supplanted by more powerful options using new technology. This might include videos, music, animations, live excerpts, downloadable materials, and screen sharing. The more variety in methods for learning, the more people will grasp the ideas. 

5. Interaction With Attendees

Getting people involved in what they learn is one of the best ways to help them retain the training. Does the webinar provide opportunities for discussion among the class? Does it get students involved with presenters? Does it give you confidence that your team is actually retaining what they're learning? While not every course lends itself to the same interactive opportunities, the webinar should look for ways to add them. 

As you evaluate courses for yourself and others, knowing what to look for will help prevent wasted time and unsatisfying webinar choices. Learn more by contacting an insurance webinar course provider today.  


16 June 2020