From Fur Babies to Fire Hydrants: Your Home Insurance Premiums

When I got my kids a dog, I had no idea that it could affect my homeowners insurance. I happened to run into my insurance agent in the store when I was buying dog food and he asked me what kind of dog we had. When I told him, he said I should stop in the office the next day. I had no idea that things like this could affect premiums, so I started asking what else could do it as well. I created this site to help others understand some of the finer points of homeowners insurance and what they should think about to manage their rates.

Selecting The Perfect Car Insurance For Your Situation

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When you're considering insurance for your vehicle, there are some things you will need to consider. The car insurance options available can be very different, so ensuring you have the right coverage and getting a price you can afford should be high on your list of priorities when you start getting quotes and looking at benefits.

Coverage Requirements

When you are considering car insurance, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage to deal with your car's damage should you be involved in an accident. If the collision is the fault of another driver, they should have insurance to cover the damage they did to your car, but you can't be sure that is the case. 

Some states do not require insurance on your car or have coverage levels that are extremely low and allow drivers to get away with have such a small amount of coverage that it doesn't cover what it should. In these situations, you need to be sure your insurance will cover the remaining cost of repairing your car. 

If you drive a car that you are still paying for, you can not afford to have someone damage it and then not be able to fix it. The finance company that gave you the loan most likely has guidelines that will tell you what you need for the car in terms of car insurance and will not approve the loan until you meet the cover standard.

Keeping Your Budget In Mind

When you are shopping around for insurance for your car, it is essential to look at the coverages and the costs for them. Often if you compare the coverage between companies, they are not much different, but the price you will pay for that coverage can be significantly higher. 

Don't be afraid to get quotes from several companies and let them know that someone else is lower than them. Sometimes the agent you are working with can add some discounts to try and beat the competitor's premium for you. In some cases, the price difference is not something that they can beat, but it does not hurt to try and get car insurance as cheap as possible and still get great coverage.

Working With an Independent Agent

Another option you have is to visit an independent insurance office and talk with the agent there about your car insurance needs. Because the agent does not work for one company, they may be able to get you a lower price than you can find by yourself. 

The agent can search for pricing across many companies and check discounts for you, and when you buy your insurance this way, you can call them for help with claims and other insurance-related questions. 


27 December 2020